Thursday, May 11, 2006

Purple pancakes

are what Ramona requested for breakfast this morning. It's a late breakfast, as our schedule has been insane this week, but better late and purple than never.

More blogging later today -- Blogger was giving me fits this morning, thus the light posting.

(And, shockingly, I couldn't find a stock photo of purple pancakes. And, as a reminder to all, I'm not the photographer of all the great photos on this site ... they are thanks to, a terrific site of stock photography, through which many wonderful people share their work.)


Theresa said...

What, pray tell, are purple pancakes? Should we be worried?

Becky said...

Blueberries, perhaps? Or is it food coloring?

Karen E. said...

Well, blueberries would be healthier, so maybe you *should* worry, as it is, yes, food coloring that does it.

She decided on green pancakes, though. :-)