Tuesday, May 23, 2006

More Margaret and a whale

We were in the library again a couple of days ago, and we scooped up more Margaret Wise Brown. Ramona is loving Another Important Book, which is definitely geared to the young set, as evidenced by the focus on all the new things a little person can do, and the mirror inside the back cover so that said person can admire herself and her accomplishments.

We both like Bunny's Noisy Book, which has the sweetest illustrations. It also offers plenty of chances for noise imitation, always a plus when you're three. A fun plus for me: observing Ramona's delight when she recognized the illustrator, Lisa McCue, as the same person who brought her beloved Snuggle Bunnies to life.

And, though it's not Margaret, Ramona's also been enjoying an old favorite of ours, Dear Mr. Blueberry. It's the very sweet and simple story of a persevering little girl, her teacher, imagination, and love. Of course, we like to believe Arthur is real.

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