Sunday, May 21, 2006

It's going around

HT to Bonny Glen, who HT'd Elizabeth, who HT'd Maureen (and along the way Alice and Jenn were taking the quiz ....)

According to the MotherStyles quiz, my type is INFJ (no surprises there ... I always come out as an INFJ, no matter how I rig it ....) Apparently I'm a “Know Thyself” Mother. They say:

“I believe the joy of motherhood is self-discovery—for them and for me.”

* Sensitive and family-focused, the INFJ mother looks for and encourages the unique potential of each child. Self-knowledge may be her byword. Her aim is to help each child develop a sense of identity and cultivate personal growth. In fact, she may value the mothering experience as a catalyst to her own personal growth and self-knowledge.

* The INFJ mother spends time observing and understanding each child. She is drawn to intimate conversations and seeks a free exchange of feelings and thoughts.

* Sympathetic and accommodating, the INFJ mother strives to meet the important yet sometimes conflicting needs of each family member in harmonious and creative ways

* She is conscientious and intense as well. Probably no one takes life and child-raising more seriously than the INFJ. She approaches mothering as a profession requiring her best self.


Ron R said...

I posted it in mine as well.

Karen E. said...

Hi, Ron --

I'm off to check out your results right now ... I'm guessing you're an INFJ style .... :-)

Anonymous said...

I'm a Know Thyself momma too. Dh made some crack about Know it ALL mother, but we'll just ignore that right now. :-)