Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Interesting post at Barbara Nicolosi's blog

Read it here.

Reminded me of Tom Hanks on Letterman a week or two ago -- when Letterman asked about Hanks's choice to be in the movie, the first thing he said was something along the lines of "Well, they called me up and said, 'Here's how much money we'll give you ....' "


Tim said...

It's kind of interesting, to see all this playing out. Honestly, my friend has been finishing cutting this movie and was even wearing a hat promoting the film and I'd forgotten about all the controversy (that's what I get for turning off the TV).

I read the book and really wanted it to be about something, you know, but instead it was a piece of fiction with a terrible storyline and, worse, poor facts. I found it hard to watch Michael Moore's 911 "documentary" for the same sorts of reasons. He had this great subject, but you couldn't trust the storyteller, so you found yourself getting worked up by something that may or may not be accurate.

With the DVC, there could have been something good, but that would have taken a much smarter author to put it together. And you and I know that book wouldn't have sold as well, would it have?

Karen E. said...

Hey, Tim --

Yes, it's the factual stuff that gets me. There's no excuse for pushing one's own version of the truth and calling it accuracy ....