Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Babby, R.I.P.

Betsy fell in love with this little robin.

She named him Babby and tried valiantly to save him, but Babby had fallen from the nest and didn't make it. She wrote Babby a farewell message that was so sweet and so Betsy: she wrote in "invisible ink" (recipe courtesy of her "How to be a Secret Agent" book) and told Babby that he was her dear friend and she loved him.

Farewell, Babby, and thank you for the small part you played in my sweet child's growing sense of nurturing, love and compassion.

(And this photo, by the way, is not a stock photo for a change. It's the real Babby, courtesy of the kids' visiting Grandpa-of-the-digital-camera. Thanks, Grandpa.)

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