Thursday, April 20, 2006

Clever blog names

I love them. I love to find new ones, hear the stories behind them, and speculate on alternative names for this blog.

"So, why," you may be asking yourself, "was she so uninspired or so egotistical as to name her blog after herself? Why didn't she come up with a clever blog name?"

I'd like to compliment you on an excellent question. I'm so glad you brought it up.

When I started this blog, it wasn't going to be a blog. You see, I'm really cheap (I prefer the word "frugal" but I'm baring all here) and I was looking for a free web presence. As a part-time writer (very part-time, mind you) I thought it would be nice (i.e., cheap) to have a place on the web at which I could gather links to some of my writing. That would make it easy (i.e., cheap) for an editor or any other interested party to find everything in one place.

So, I found Blogger, began playing around with templates and links (and started dreaming at night that I was a computer programmer, such is my inflated and deluded idea of what I do here) and thought, "Well, here's a free (i.e., cheap) 'website.'"

My original idea was that I would set it up, and leave it alone. It would be nothing more than that central gathering place that I'd envisioned for my writing links. And, I would name it after me for simplicity's sake. What's easier than saying, "I forgot what Karen said her url was? What's her clever name at Blogger? Oh, wait ... there is no clever name. It's just her name. How simple, and how considerate of her to make it so easy for us!"

Well, that was the idea.

However, because this is technically a blog and not a website, it occurred to me that it might look really cheesy (i.e., cheap) to use a blog as my website. "Maybe I should try using it as a blog," I thought. "Maybe I should post something now and then. Just, oh, say, whenever I get time."

So I posted a couple of things. Once a week or so. That was September, October. By November I was posting every few days ... then every day. By December, I'd christened the children with their blog names and I was hooked.

Then, I thought, "If I weren't so cheap, I'd have a clever blog name."

It's a little late now, but I still like to speculate. Any suggestions?


  1. Hmmmm, funny you bring this topic up... I was thinking I should name mine something new, something more reverent, exciting, or maybe something in English!!
    And the idea of giving the children aliases has never occurred to me until recently, so now I am thinking if I do give them new names, I'd have to go back and change each and every post.

    Maybe I'll just stick with what I have for now...

  2. Keep it as "Karen Edmisten"! I love your name in the title and think it's already perfect as is.

  3. K.: I love the name of yours! I think you should keep it. Also, if you start using aliases, you could just use them from here on out. That's what I did. Too much work to go back and revise all those posts!

    Alice: Thank you! Okay ... I'm keeping the name. :-)

  4. I can't believe what I'm reading!! Okay, so i've finally figured out how to send comments on my bestest Nebraska girlfriends blogs! Yes, I'm an idiot in the technical realm of things, but, I do not fall into that same area when it comes to creativity.

    One who is a writer, creating stories, should not have a melancholy approach to her blog name. Often quoting Louisa May Alcotts, "Anne-with-an-e", you cannot possibly schlump (is that a word?) off the grand task of naming ones blog. NO, NO, NO. I insist you revisit this. Now for my suggestions from yesterday when I couldn't figure out how to send them on your blog comments and had to email them directly (humbling) to you, I now come forth publicly with them as I have figured out how to scroll down in order to hit send. SIGH
    Drum roll please.........
    >1.Goddess of Catholic homeschooling wealth. (boring)
    >2.Diva of Catholic acquired facts(yawn)
    >3.Parsimonious Artifice (okay, so I had to look up both frugal and resource
    >in my thesaurus but the title is coming along nicely).
    >4.Guru to Gentle Berries (translation; great, humble, fruit)
    >I like that one.
    >And lastly,
    >5.Chocolate (that's the eye catcher)covered Catholic riches.

    Everything is better chocolate covered and the riches refers to your wealth of information that blog readers receive when they click on the sites you so neatly tuck into your stories. I vote for the chocolate title!!
    Love Andrea

  5. In using (for Andrea's) and sticking with (for the homeschool one) atypical, I think it was mostly because it was somewhat catchy (and therefore memorable) but also made a statement or description of who we were.

    You might try the word cloud thing and it could give you some ideas :)