Sunday, November 25, 2012

Recent Reading

1. We read The Search for Delicious, by Natalie Babbit, for Ramona's book club this month. I just loved it, and so did Ramona. Clever, magical, funny. Our book club party is coming up, so I'll report back soon on the food we've chosen. Each family will bring two foods they've deemed to be the definition of delicious.

2. I just read Meet the Austins and A Ring of Endless Light, both by Madeleine L'Engle. I want to live in Vicky Austin's grandfather's house.

3. Also just read a book about being frugal, although it's not really worth mentioning or offering a full review. It basically said: earn more money, spend it wisely, save as much as you can. Yeah. I've got those basics down. Fortunately, I also followed my own rule: don't spend money on books about frugality. Thank God for libraries.

4. Read Austenland, by Shannon Hale. Sweetly romantic, charmingly lightweight, a quick read. I was changing the ending in my head, but only a little bit, and I loved the surprises.

What are you reading?


Colleen said...

I just finished the Kristin Lavransdatter trilogy and, though it was work to get through, I found it fascinating. It's an amazing story and I wish I had a friend to sit down with and talk about the themes in the books. That discussion could last for hours.

After that trilogy I wanted a quick, light read and I really enjoyed There'll You Find Me by Jenny B. Jones. It's a Christian romance that isn't preachy, is funny and the characters have real problems that don't have simple, cookie cutter solutions. Some of the characters are even Catholic, though their catholicity was not important to the story. It was a fun read that was definitely worth my time.

My kids and I recently read Melissa Wiley's The Prairie Thief and the Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict. We thoroughly enjoyed them both! Thanks for the recommendations.

The Bookworm said...

I just finished To the Island by Meagan Delahunt, about an Australian single mother and her son visiting the Greek birth father she had never known on his native island. Well written and I enjoyed it. I've just downloaded Call the Midwife by Jennifer Worth and its two sequels as a Kindle package,

Karen Edmisten said...

Colleen, the Lavransdatter trilogy has been on my Must Read list forever and I have yet to get to it. Maybe someday when I get it read I can invite you back for discussion!

Bookworm, I've been wanting to read Call the Midwife, too, since seeing the show. The Delahunt book sounds good, too.