Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Speaking of Friends Who Write, Lissa and Quinn Have Some Stuff to Say

Melissa Wiley's new one, 
Fox and Crow are Not Friends
is out today!

I no longer have a child who is stepping into reading (more like plowing down the bookshelves) but naturally we'll get it. Because no one is ever too old for any kind of book. Ever. And everything Lissa writes becomes a beloved favorite of ours.

And we're eagerly awaiting The Prairie Thief at the end of this month. It will be the first selection (thanks for your organizational prowess, Danae) in Ramona's book club this year. We had the delightful privilege of seeing some early drafts of it, so it will be great fun to compare to the final product.


Someone I've never met but nevertheless connected with (because the internet is funny that way ... because I lurved her first book, Notes From the Underwire, which literally in this day of wantonly tossed virtual LoLs made me laugh out loud ... because she's an incredibly talented writer and blogger ... because she blogged about writing a book on homeschooling and I left her a comment ... because we then emailed a few times about how differently people can and do educate their children at home ... because the internet is funny that way ...) is Quinn Cummings.

She's on my mind today, too, because her new book also comes out today, and there are Lissa connections -- I remember telling Quinn something like, "If you find my homeschooling style even vaguely interesting, you really should interrogate Lissa because if I am vaguely interesting, she is vividly fascinating fun. As luck -- and, you know, because the internet is funny that way -- would have it, Lissa was in the middle of her Shakespeare stuff and she and Quinn met and Lissa ended up making a cameo in the book. So fun! Because the internet is helpful that way.

So, the book:

I already know I'm gonna love it and that it will make me laugh and think and blog.  Because, y'know, Quinn is a Renaissance woman that way. 


* If you have questions for Quinn, leave a comment on one of her blog posts. This one, for example, explains her Blog Book Tour and also expounds on one of the best analogies for homeschooling that I've ever read: "Live-directing the Olympics." Yes. 

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