Sunday, October 02, 2011

Why I Still Love Reading Aloud

Reading A Little Princess to Ramona:

Anne-with-an-e and Betsy also listen in over breakfast reading with Ramona, and we all totally get this quote:

"Never did she find anything so difficult as to keep herself from losing her temper when she was suddenly disturbed while absorbed in a book. People who are fond of books know the feeling of irritation which sweeps over them at such a moment. The temptation to be unreasonable and snappish is one not easy to manage."

And, how delightful was it to hear this from Ramona the other day: "Mommy, did you know that reading A Little Princess makes me realize all the things I take for granted in my life! Like having clothes that fit me! And food! And a heater!"

I love sharing books with my favorite people in the universe.

(Will I be 92 years old, doddering in a nursing home, and inviting my 59, 56 and 52-year old daughters to drop by for a rollicking read-aloud of Deathly Hallows? "Bring the grandkids! And the great-grandkids! Have some pumpkin pasties! Someone find my dentures -- I can't do Snape's voice without them!" )


Ann-Marie Ulczynski said...

The day Harry Potter VI came out, the youth minister and I were driving back from GA to TX with four junior high kids. We left them to their DVD players and read the first half of HP aloud, complete with the voices! By far, one of my favorite reading aloud memories. Did I mention that we were both form English teachers?

Danae said...

I would like to hear your Snape impression! With, or without, the dentures!

Kelly said...

Love read-alouds!!

If you sound anything like Alan Rickman then I'd love to hear your Snape voice!! ;)

btw, I totally get that quote, too.

augustine1121 said...

Thanks for writing about that. My wife and I for the past month have been reading to each other. What a blessing it has been. Besides cutting down on unnecessary TV it has brought us closer. There is something inherently magical about hearing the written word spoken. Keep up the reading.

Sue said...

Yes! And, I love that my kids still beg me to read aloud to them. I also love your image of still reading aloud together when mom is 92... although, realistically, it may be the kids reading to us by then!

Great quote! So true. So true.

Karen Edmisten said...

Ann-Marie, that sounds like so much fun (from another English major here ...)

Danae -- I don't think I should dare try my Snape voice in front of such a fellow devoted Rickmanphile. I would embarrass myself. :)

Kelly, note above note to Danae.

Augustine, I think it's lovely for spouses to read to one another, too.

And Sue, yes, actually, I'd love to have them reading to me when I'm 92. :)

Mamacita (The REAL one) said...

I named my daughter Sara after Sara Crewe. No "h" for either of my Saras.

How lovely to discover another internet friend who loves FHB's book. May I assume you're fans of "The Secret Garden" and "Little Lord Fauntleroy" as well? Because that would be celebratory.

Lynch Family said...

I LOVE to read aloud and my family always ask for MORE. My husband says it makes him sleep better (no matter what time of day I read, LOL)and my daughter soaks anything in like a sponge when heard aloud.

Three cheers for the family read-alouds!

Lady.Rosary said...

I think there's really something magical when you read aloud to your children. Apart from the book coming alive, you get to spend a wonderful and enchanting time with those you love.

Atticus said...

I notice I'm absent from the fantasy scenario about when you are 92.

Karen Edmisten said...

You're there, Atticus -- you're just at work. Our days when I'm 92 will be just as they are now. :)

Mamacita, we adore The Secret Garden and always have. But will you hate me if I confess we've never read Little Lord Fauntleroy? I don't know why we haven't ... is it because it isn't about a little girl? (We sometimes have a narrow scope of vision here ....) :)

Melanie B said...

A Little Princess is my all-time absolute favorite. I love, love, love Sara Crewe. I think sometimes I am Sara Crewe. I can't count the number of times I've read that book. And I still have my one and only copy. It's all held together by Scotch tape but I can't imagine reading it in another version. Oh I can't wait to read it to my girls. What age do you think for the first read, Karen? Seven? Eight?

And I so agree about reading aloud. One of my fondest memories from college is a bunch of us whiling away an entire Saturday taking turns reading Georgette Heyer aloud. Not to mention that that's the only way I got through Paradise Lost. Milton absolutely demands to be read aloud.

Beth said...

Love this! We LOVE reading aloud here. In fact, some days we probably try to cram in a bit too much (is that possible? No, not really). We've done A Little Princess twice -- that's how much we love it. Finishing up Secret Garden tonight.

And I too suspect I will still be reading aloud to my daughter and husband when I'm 92. He'll be 99 then. :) No matter!

Sarah said...

Hi Karen,

I have a few questions for you about reading aloud to children. But I think I will send you an e-mail ... Stay tuned!


Rebecca said...

Oh I hope so Karen! I hope you are doing dramatic readings of great books at a very old age, surrounded by those you love. :)