Monday, October 31, 2011

Where Did My Fairy Princesses Go?

Yes, it's another tiresome post detailing my disbelief that I no longer have babies.

Above you will find Ramona -- eight years ago, at age one -- when she was a fairy princess for Halloween.

This year my 9-year-old baby will trick-or-treat as Professor Trelawney, and my 15 and 18 year old babies (Eighteen! Anne-with-an-e turned eighteen last week!) will dole out excessive amounts of sugar (dressed as Gothel and Eponine ... they do still love Halloween).


I should start a new blog post category: "Tiresome Karen, Who Still Can't Believe Children Grow Up."

Have a blessed All Hallow's Eve!


Jennifer said...

I'm actually encouraged by the fact that your teens are still dressing up. Good for them!
Oh, this is just so hard sometimes.

tanita davis said...

I'm a little gobsmacked about eighteen... I guess I've been reading your blog now a couple of years.

Time. It flies, they say.

jama said...

Yes, 18 doesn't sound possible to me either. Ramona was the cutest princess ever. :)

You definitely deserve extra chocolate today, Karen!

Liz said...

18!!! It's just not possible. Surely it was no more than 10 years ago that we were discussing her difficulties in kindergarten. I could even believe maybe 16, but 18!!! Where did the time go?

ElizabethK said...

Only if I can start the same category, with my name substituted for yours. My youngest is only 5, but I feel the time slipping away, and I am bitter, I tell you, bitter. . .

Karen Edmisten said...

ElizabethK, you can start the category, too. I'm happy to spread my tiresome ways around.

Liz, indeed! Wasn't it just a couple days ago that I asked what to do with a child who didn't want to do pre-reading worksheets and would rather read Little House?

Jama, thanks, and I took your advice on the chocolate.

Tanita, I am triply gobsmacked. And I so love the word gobsmacked. And, Jenn, you would love Ramona's Professor Trelawney. :)