Thursday, June 02, 2011

As Betsy said, "This is cute and pitiful at the same time."

"Baby ducks," she added, "are surprisingly durable."

I love the way the mama recovers her dignity, rounds up the gang and exudes, "Hey, we can do this."


Theresa said...

Oooohhh! Poor things!

Faith said...

Oh my! No one even seems hurt!

PNG said...

That's the best! I have a similar post (not that much difficulty, but boy did it feel like it!) here:
Thanks for the laugh.:)

Johnna said...

They remind me of how life knocks us off our feet and how we just have to get up and keep fighting!

I do have to admit that I probably laughed a bit more than I should have at the poor little things!

pet meals said...

baby ducks are so cute.i thouhgt it is not a poor things.It's really amazing.