Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

We spent the weekend out of town (maybe that's why the rapture missed me) celebrating my goddaughter's graduation from Holy Family Homeschool.

The homeschool association puts together a lovely evening -- Holy Mass, followed by a graduation ceremony in which the parents present their children (I mean young adults -- eek!) with their diplomas, followed by a reception.

I'm not generally very concerned with ceremonies -- outside of liturgy, that is. I guess as a Roman Catholic, it's a little ironic that I love the ritual of Catholic liturgy but spurn ritual and ceremony in so many other areas. For example, some moms apparently say things like, "Well, if we can have a real graduation ceremony, then I guess I can do this homeschooling thing," whereas I am more inclined to say things like, "Whew -- we homeschool! We don't have to sit through all that deadly dull stuff."

Not that my goddaughter's graduation was deadly dull. It wasn't. It was lovely. And if Anne-with-an-e wants such ritual and ceremony to be a lovely part of her lovely graduation next year, then we have a plan.


Still working on my book deadline* but I've been missing my blog, and my readers. So. Hi.


Here's a reason I love the month of May:


* The project is actually done, but there's some end-of-the-book documentation, etc. to complete. When everything is done, Ramona and I are looking forward to making teacup cakes!

(Image and cupcake recipe at Sweet Paul.) 

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