Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'm channeling Corky St. Clair

The last time I directed the youth choir musical, I did the same thing. (In that post, though, I elevated my delusions to a Stanislavsky-esque level. I think I'm a bit more accurate with the Corky comparison.)

Last night, after making a couple of signs we'll be using as props, I showed them to Anne-with-an-e and Atticus.

"How do these look?" I asked.

"They look fine," said Atticus.

"They look fine," said Anne.

"Really?" I asked. "Because I think they look a little sloppy. Do you think they look sloppy?"

"They look fine," said Atticus.

"They look fine," said Anne.

"Hmmmm," I said. "Because I'm thinking of letting my Ocd side kick in, and redoing them, so that they'll look perfect."

"Karen," said Atticus, oh-so-patiently, "this is not a Broadway production. It's a church play. No one's expecting perfection."

Yeah. So. Okay.

I left the signs and moved on to making sure my glue gun still works. We have Pharoah-hat-making techniques to perfect, you know.


Danae said...

Oh....Atticus has the best lines! Just as long as you aren't practicing your choreography in your living room with your jeans on backwards!

Karen E. said...

Have you been looking in my window??