Tuesday, July 13, 2010

St. Francis de Sales, How I Love You

"The reason why we never receive the grace of sanctification (one single Holy Communion would be enough to make us saints) is that we do not allow the Lord to reign in us as He, in His goodness, desires. The Divine Savior comes into our heart and finds it full of desires, affections and vain aspirations. This is not what He wants; He wants to find our heart empty so He can become its one and only Master. Therefore He says to the holy lover that she should put a seal on her heart [cf. Sg 8:6], so that no one can enter without permission."  ~~ (Spiritual Treatises XVIII; O. VI, pp. 340-341)

"The best kinds of abjection, those most profitable for our soul and most acceptable to God, are those which come accidentally. This is because we have not selected them for ourselves but have received them as sent to us by God. To say it once and for all, our own choice and selection spoil or lessen almost all our virtues."  ~~ (INT. Part III, Ch. 6; O. III, p. 156)

"Be careful and attentive to all the matters God has committed to your care, but if possible do not be solicitous or worried; that is, do not burden yourself over them with uneasiness or anxiety. This worry only disturbs reason and good judgment and prevents you from doing well the very things you are worried about...A job done anxiously and hurriedly is never done well; we must do things with coolness and calm."  ~~ (INT. Part III, Ch. 10; O. III, pp. 169-170)

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Jennifer said...

Love, love, love. Esp the last one.

Karen E. said...

Me, too, Jenn!

Abby said...

Thanks for sharing these, Karen - they speak strongly to where I've been at this last week or so!

Beth said...

Oh these are wonderful. I was especially in need of hearing the second and third this week. Thank you for sharing!