Sunday, January 10, 2010

Too Much Food Network?

Last night, Anne-with-an-e had a dream that Bobby Flay was trapped for twelve hours in a vat of steamed tomatoes. In the dream, she was watching a "Food Network Special!" about his rescue. No one had thought he would survive the ordeal.

We need to:
a.)  read more
b.)  turn off the TV, or
c.)  have a cooking lesson.

I mean, steamed tomatoes?



Emily said...

I'm now cleaning the tea off the computer screen...that is too funny! But I must say, you can never watch too much Food Network.

Sara said...

I hear ya on TFN! We made a huge coconut cake for today's birthday boy from Bobby's Ultimate Coconut Cake throwdown.

Karen E. said...

Emily, sorry about the tea. :)

Sara, that sounds delicious!