Friday, April 17, 2009

Poetry Friday: Lurving Jon Sciezka

I lurve Jon Sciezka

Have lurved him since we found the highly lurvable Math Curse.

Lurve him enough to follow his Twitter feed in spite of the fact that it offers zero updates. That's wishful lurving, or wishful tweeting, or perhaps wishful stalking.


I want you to go read the poem he contributed -- 200 Typing Monkeys Almost Make It -- to Gregory's Thirty Poets in Thirty Days.

No sense in my trying to dig up new treasures when they're swirling all around you this month.

Go. Read. Becky has the round-up.


Andromeda Jazmon said...

What a clever girl you are sending us to fresh Sciezka!! I just can't resist...

Kelly said...

I love Sciezka silliness!

Warren said...

I Love the Stinky Cieze Man.


Sara said...

I lurve him too, and seeing him last fall as part of the National Book Festival made me smile for days afterwards. He's just so . . . genuine.

His poem was hilarious. It made me laugh out loud for a long, gleeful monkey moment.