Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Happy (Baptismal) Birthday to Me!

(Rerunning this, but who's keeping track?)

A joyous day in the middle of the desert! (Not officially a feast day, so put that chocolate down.)

March 11, 1990:

The Event:

Karen's baptism, by an Episcopal priest (a perfectly lovely man who in no way pressured her to join the Episcopal church, which she was not ready to do. She knew only this one thing: "I must be baptized." Happily, Fr. Orval Spencer obliged.)

The Guests:

Atticus, of course (though he reiterated that this Christian stuff was fine with him, as long as it did not affect our lives.)

Friend Jack, who drove five hundred miles to be there (and was later present for my reception into the Catholic Church, and even later, present with his wife, also a convert, at Atticus's reception into the Church.)

The Results:

Everlasting life.
An overwhelming urge to tell people about God.
The desire for children.
The birth of children.
Catholicism all around.

Hmmm ....

I guess it affected our lives.


Eileen said...

And, in turn, it has affected mine, too! Thanks for continuing to share such a beautiful and inspiring story. And congratulations!


Suzanne Temple said...

I second what Eileen says. Thank you for sharing your faith with all of us. Happy B (aptism) day!

Melanie B said...

Many happy returns of the day!

Karen, you may re-run this every single year as far as I'm concerned. It always brings a smile to my face.

Roxane B. Salonen said...

Karen, congratulations on another year of life in every sense of the word! :)

sarah said...

Many blessings to you on the anniversary of your spiritual birth. You are an inspiration and a joy.

Leonie said...

Happy Baptismal Day! I recently celebrated the anniversary of my confirmation - 14 years a Catholic, 12 years a confirmed Catholic. :-)