Friday, February 22, 2008

Poetry Friday: Ramona on celery

Poetry is about economy.

Economy of words,
economy of image.

That's why I think Ramona's recent observation on celery is poetry.

Fresh celery
like the wind.

I did a double take.

"What did you say?" I asked her.

"I said fresh celery tastes like the wind," she said, crunching another bite from a crisp stalk, and looking very much like a munching five-year-old rather than an artiste.

But, I know what lies beneath that deceptively cute exterior ... 'tis the heart of a poet.

More of Ramona's poems can be found here and here.

Poetry Friday is hosted today by none other than Kelly Herold, at Big A little a, who was there when it began (because she began it.) The roundup is here.


jama said...

Well, now, I can be totally objective since I don't know Ramona (love that name, BTW), and I agree -- the heart and soul of a poet. I also like the dirty socks poem. Amazing for 3-1/2!

Great take on celery :)

Sara said...

Ah, she's the princess of celery!

Patience said...

That is truly poetic. I love it. I also loved the dirty socks poem and thought she had her theology just right. You should mix Jesus up with things like dirty socks - he should be in everything.

Sorry, that comes out sounding sanctimonious, I wish you could hear the wry laugh beneath the words.

Ramona is a joy to us - how much more so she must be to you!

Karen E. said...

No, I know just what you mean, Patience. He should be, and is, in with dirty socks and everything else. :-) I don't know what I was thinking way back then, to think for a moment of discouraging anything about that poem. :-)

Jama, Ramona is just her blog name, but we love Ramona Quimby so dearly and it fits our little Princess Ramona perfectly.