Monday, January 07, 2008

New Year! New Love2Learn! New book giveaway!

It's a fresh start for Love2Learn!

What was already a great resource and book review site is now technically even greater, after a complete technical overhaul (about which I understand nothing.)

Alicia Van Hecke, Suchi Myjak and other techno-geniuses have made the site more comprehensive, easier to navigate, and otherwise, in laymen's terms, "very cool."

How cool.

Alicia is planning a month-long celebration of the new site, and what better way to celebrate than to give away books?

Visit the Love2Learn blog here for full details.

For individual posts on today's drawings, go here for a chance to win Behold and See.

Here for a chance at A Family Journal: A Homeschooling Mother's Companion.

Here for chance at A Catholic How-to-Draw (my kids and I love this book.)

Keep an eye on the Love2Learn blog all week -- winners will be announced on Wednesday, and there will be another drawing later this week.

And, don't forget to visit the new prayer request section of Love2Learn -- what a beautiful addition!

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