Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Day Two: The Depressification

When will I learn?

Yesterday was golden.

But, they can't all be like that.

In my early morning post (much of which was written last night, when I was still warmed by the contentment of the day), I mentioned that so much of a good day depends on me. On my attitude.

As I go, so goes the day.

This morning my attitude was, ahem, less-than-stellar. I was tired, which was my own fault. I stayed up too late catching up on email and other things, and this morning when Atticus woke me at 5:45 a.m., all I could think about was more sleep. More sleep wasn't part of my immediate future, though, because I needed to get some things done before 8 a.m., at which time I had to run Mr. Putter over to the vet so that we can finally have his claws removed (anyone interested in a nice, fuzzy, scratched-up couch?)

So, then, all I could think about was coffee. Buckets of it.

And, being patient with Math, even with Math-U-See, wasn't on my agenda. Oh, well, technically it was. I always plan to be patient and kind and understanding. But when I'm tired, my plans don't always come to fruition.

If yesterday was golden, today was tarnished silver.

Fortunately, tarnish can be polished.

I just have to pay attention to what causes it.

Note to self:

Sleep = Shiny, new Mom


Jane Ramsey said...

Karen, thanks for the dose of reality. I had dreamed about the day I'd get to homeschool my own kids for many years. Now that I've started-- although it's only been a few weeks-- I've already had great days, horrible days, and so-so days. That's life, huh?!
(Hope you get some good sleep tonight!)

Lynch Family said...

I had a day today just like this! It was so bad I even FORGOT to make the coffee! Stunning! I was starting to crawl out of my barrel of despair when I read your post, adjusted my attitude (bookmarked the page for a week or so from now) and got on with it. Thanks for your continued humor, grace and inspiration!

Beck said...

What is this sleep thing you speak of? Some days are just bad, or Not Good, anyhow, and they're bound to happen once in a while.
Hope tomorrow is a better one.

Diane said...

We are following similar paths this week. Yes, so much of it is about sleep. Being a night owl was helpful in college, but in motherhood, not so much.

Here's hoping for a restful night and a cheery tomorrow!

Momto5Minnies said...

I hear ya'! I feel like this journey (so far) is a roller coaster.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a GREAT DAY.


Elizabeth said...

So true. I'd better shut down soon...

Liz said...

And lest anyone dream that sending their wee ones off to school will prevent their being exposed to that sort of day let me assure you that teachers have those sorts of days as well. In addition, since there are generally at least 15 other kids in the room you are pretty much guaranteed that someone is having that sort of day. As we all know from Alexander and the Horribly Bad Day, one person's bad day quickly becomes everyone's bad day. I recommend more sleep and scheduling appointments for after the school day is over (you can even make the vet's a field trip).