Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Stop! My budget can't take you people ....

I'm getting lots of great ideas for our trek into the Middle Ages.

Check out the comments on this post for suggestions and much enthusiasm.

I know I said to keep the great ideas coming, but I think I promised Atticus that I was done spending money on books. For now.

For this month.

For the first part of our Middle Ages study ....


Jennifer said...

ha, ha. Done spending money on books. I say that a lot too.

LK said...

You may already partake in this method, but I am just relearning how awesome interlibrary loan is. Some of your titles might not be available, though.

And this may be even more of a stretch for obscure titles, but I have just turned my hubby on to www.PaperbackSwap.com (yes, they can be also be hardbacks or audio books) where you list nine books you don't mind getting rid of, and you get 3 book credits.

You use a credit to request a book, and you get more credits when people request your books. I don't think it costs anything to get a book, but you do pay shipping (book rate, about a couple of bucks) to send a book.

That's a simplified summary - we are just getting started - but it seems to be pretty slick!