Thursday, February 15, 2007

Too busy being loved

to write about it.
Yesterday, I received this sign from my little sweeties:

Other snapshots from our house:

Ralph the Hamster

Mr. Putter

Three scarves for three girls. Is it time to me to learn to purl and branch out a bit ... ?

I didn't like leaving St. Joseph and Baby Jesus out in our sub-zero temps. I brought them in, and they were promptly bundled and warmed by Betsy and Ramona.


Jennifer said...

I love that last shot. How funny - such sweethearts.

Anonymous said...

Oh, Ralph the Hamster is very cute! We have a new hamster too ;)

Suzanne Temple said...

What dear girls. I'm sure heaven is smiling down on St Joseph in a pink coat!

Karen E. said...

Thanks, all. Cheryl, is it your first hamster? Ralph is our third ... the kids are getting used to their short life spans .... :-)