Friday, January 10, 2020

Poetry Friday: New Year's Morning

I'm a little late with this reflection on New Year's morning, but as Helen Hunt Jackson concludes,
"The new is but the old come true/Each sunrise sees a new year born."

Happy New Year, and Happy Every New Day.

New Year's Morning
by Helen Hunt Jackson

Only a night from old to new!
Only a night, and so much wrought!
The Old Year's heart all weary grew,
But said: "The New Year rest has brought."
The Old Year's hopes its heart laid down,
As in a grave; but, trusting, said:
"The blossoms of the New Year's crown
Bloom from the ashes of the dead."
The Old Year's heart was full of greed;
With selfishness it longed and ached,
And cried: "I have not half I need.
My thirst is bitter and unslaked.
But to the New Year's generous hand
All gifts in plenty shall return;
True love it shall understand;
By all my failures it shall learn.
I have been reckless; it shall be
Quiet and calm and pure of life.
I was a slave; it shall go free,
And find sweet peace where I leave strife."
Only a night from old to new!
Never a night such changes brought.
The Old Year had its work to do;
No New Year miracles are wrought.

Always a night from old to new!
Night and the healing balm of sleep!
Each morn is New Year's morn come true,
Morn of a festival to keep.
All nights are sacred nights to make
Confession and resolve and prayer;
All days are sacred days to wake
New gladness in the sunny air.
Only a night from old to new;
Only a sleep from night to morn.
The new is but the old come true;
Each sunrise sees a new year born.

(This poem is in the public domain.)


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  1. This is wonderful, Karen. I am always happy for a new day, love that Helen Hunt Jackson has written with this idea of "All days are sacred days to wake". Absolute truth! Happy New Year, new day, and tonight, new full moon!

  2. Squeee! This line! "The Old Year's hopes its heart laid down," is soooooo related to my olw and my first poem of this year. Thank you for sharing this beautiful poem. I needed the whole thing but this line was just for me today.

  3. The entire month of January is the new year :-) Wishing you a blessed one, Karen!

  4. Love this, especially: 'All days are sacred days to wake"
    Thanks for sharing.

  5. I'm looking forward to a great new year with all of you! :)

  6. Beautiful poem! Thanks for sharing. I love the thought of each morn begins a year anew.

  7. I do too, Kay! Thanks for stopping by.