Friday, June 02, 2017

Poetry Friday: Mary Oliver

Go read "Mindful" by Mary Oliver, which begins

Every day 
I see or hear 
that more or less 
kills me 
with delight 

Then come back and tell me what it's put you in mind of.

I wanted to post the whole, gorgeous, little poem here, but I'm mindful of copyright laws, so all I can do is mindfully send you to this link at Google Books. "Mindful" is part of Why I Wake Early: New Poems and is also part of why I adore Mary Oliver, who kills me with delight.


I've been having a blast teaching my Brave Writer class, Kidswrite Basic. I've been so mindful of the fact that every day I read something from these kids that more or less kills me with delight. These kids are brave, and I feel lucky indeed.


The round up today is at Buffy's Blog


Peggy Haslar said...

Thank you! Your post just "killed me with delight" as did the review of "If I Were the Moon" at Buffy's blog. I'm smiling. Reading You Can Share the Faith these days. Enchanted with all we've been given. Peggy Haslar

Linda B said...

I drove way outside the city today to visit a bookstore that's closing, one I used to go to before I moved. I had forgotten that this edge of the city is high. The road is called Smoky Hill Road, and one can see mountains and prairie all around, though below are houses and houses, too. Still, I love the view and that's what Mary Oliver's poem "Mindful" that you shared made me remember, Karen. Lovely poem as all of hers are. They "kill with delight" too. Thanks!

Buffy Silverman said...

The joy of the ordinary--I think we all could use that right now! Thanks for sharing the always delightful Mary Oliver.

Brenda Harsham said...

The prayers that are made out of grass, wind and sunlight. The bended knee before the field of Queen Anne's Lace. The morning light and an ecstasy of birdsong. Poetry of the ordinary.

I do love Mary Oliver. Thanks for this assignment. I enjoyed it.

Mary Lee said...

"the untrimmible light of the world."


Thank you for this!

Kiesha Shepard said...

"the common, the very drab, the daily presentations..." Yes, I live for these as well. Thank you for making us more mindful today with Mary Oliver wisdom!

Kay said...

Mary Oliver is the best way to start a new day. I will be looking for those things today that kill me with delight.

Karen Edmisten said...

Happy to spread the Oliver love! :)

Peggy, hope you're enjoying You Can Share the Faith! Thanks for reading!

Peggy Haslar said...

"I think God believes in all of us, and he'd like us to be conduits of the evidence."
What a great line! That's tweetable. I think I will. :)