Thursday, January 12, 2017

Talking about miscarriage on a new podcast

My friend, Demetrio, Aguila, has started a new podcast called How to Speak Catholic. The show is a mix of basic, solid apologetics, and a variety of interviews and conversations, such as the sharing of conversion stories. 

I recently sat down with Demetrio and we talked about miscarriage, and about my book, After Miscarriage. Demetrio and his wife, Jen, have suffered six miscarriages, and we talked about the challenges of dealing with multiple losses, how we all deal differently with grief, and about how our faith has helped us through that grief. (Jen and Demetrio are such a beautiful, faith-filled couple; they were also mentioned in a couple of the stories I told in You Can Share the Faith.) 

You can find How to Speak Catholic here, or at iTunes. It was a pleasure to share such heartfelt stories. I hope you find something encouraging there!

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