Saturday, January 14, 2017


Various Facebook and Instagram moments from the last month or so:

Ramona and I made a TARDIS. 
Thanks, My Froggy Stuff


Although I love nattering on about books, this sounds good, too.

Join us to read books with friends in NYC, SF, LA, DC, and cities around the world, or start a meetup of your own. It's a silent reading party, BYOBook!


INFJs during Christmas baking:
Me: Ramona, let's put your Christmas playlist on.
Her: Mine is kind of sad. Why don't we put yours on?
Me: Mine is kind of sad, too. Do you have Joni Mitchell's River on yours? 
Her: Yes.
Me: Sarah Maclachlan? Wintersong?
Her: Yeah.
Me: Ok. Let's find Bruce Springsteen doing Santa Claus is Coming to Town.
Her: Yup.
Cleaning out some old papers and I found this calendar from *1984*. It was so pretty -- Emily Dickinson poems and lovely illustrations --that I wanted to save it rather than use it. It was a gift from my friend Jack and when I opened it just now, I burst out laughing. On every day for the first half of January, he had written in, "Stayed Home." Except on January 10th, which says, "Saw bird on path." And a happy coincidence is that 1984's dates align with 2017's. So, perhaps this year I'll finally use the lovely Emily Dickinson engagement calendar. But I might go out more often than Emily did.

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Wine charms, made for me by my sweet friend, Andrea. I dedicated my first book to Andrea, because she told me for years, "You really need to write a book." 


Tabatha said...

Fun bunch of snapshots! You can't go wrong with Springsteen's Santa. And I can see why you'd want to revisit that calendar! "Saw bird on path" :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Tabatha! Yes, the calendar was a fun revisit. :)

sarah said...

Great! And I love the charms.