Tuesday, January 17, 2017

On Relevant Radio Today at 6 am Central

I'll be talking with John Harper on Morning Air about making the most of Ordinary Time.


A great explanation of Ordinary Time on Catholic Culture.

Favorite spiritual books:

Fr. Jacques Philippe
Fr. Thomas DuBay
Abandonment to Divine Providence
Talking to God: Prayers for Catholic Women by Julie Dortch Cragon
Prayer Journals

Daily Inspiration:

Daily with DeSales (daily quotes from St. Francis de Sales)


So you want to know the best time to serve the Lord? It is the present time, which is in your possession here and now. The past is no longer yours; the future has not come yet and is uncertain. The best time is really the present, which you should spend in serving God. If you want to recover lost time, do your best, with fervor and diligence, in the time that still remains to you.

-- St. Francis de Sales 
 (Sermons 16; O. IX, p. 132)

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