Thursday, March 24, 2016

Nothing Like Sketching a "Welcome Spring" Sign to...

...bring on a snowstorm. 

Atticus was out of town Tuesday night, and the girls and I spent the evening in the kitchen -- baking cookies, sketching, listening to Betsy read aloud. 

Naturally, as soon as we officially welcomed spring, we were smacked with Selene and thundersnow. Everything's canceled today (except Holy Mass, of course -- have a blessed Holy Thursday and Triddum!) and Atticus is home, digging us out. 

Happy spring! 


Margaret in Minnesota said...

We got hit yesterday afternoon/evening, which meant, sadly, no Tenebrae service for us. Today is gloriously sunny, though, with snow-covered tree boughs and snowman snow!

Love to you, my dear, and blessed Triduum! ♥

Karen Edmisten said...

Sorry you missed your Tenebrae service, Mags! We were going to go to one on Tuesday, but then Ramona wasn't feeling well during that day, and we ended up staying home. We were all so tired, too, and the cozy night in was very welcome.

Love and a blessed Triduum to you, too, friend!