Thursday, June 11, 2015

Poetry Friday: Looking at the Sky

Today I'm sharing my beloved Anne Porter. She always stuns in small, quiet ways.

Looking at the Sky
by Anne Porter

I never will have time
I never will have time enough
To say
How beautiful it is
The way the moon
Floats in the air
As easily
And lightly as a bird

(Read the whole thing here, at The Writer's Almanac.)


One of my absolute favorite Poetry Friday bloggers (one of my favorite bloggers of any-kind-ever) is hosting Poetry Friday this week.

Jama Rattigan always dishes up scrumptious food, delightful books, whimsical posts, and bears. Today she has blueberry crumble and a wonderful poem by Mary Szybist, as well as the round-up.


Sally Murphy said...

Stunning. I'm always complaining about lack of time, so this resonated with me: reminding me that I must take the time to marvel at the wonder around me.

Julie said...

Your post echoes the sentiments of the poem Jama posted this week, Karen - all about wonder, and how beautiful the world is. So comforting. This poem of Anne Porter's is perfect example of "less is more." Thanks for sharing it!

Karen Edmisten said...

Sally, yes -- me, too.

Julie, yes, I liked the synchronicity of this poem with Jama's!

jama said...

Hello, kindred spirit -- we are definitely on the same page this week with our poems. :)

Porter's poem is gorgeous and humbling and the wonder of it is how it's stated so simply. Just beautiful through and through. Swoon!

Tabatha said...

Ah! I saved it for rereading. Lovely.

Donna Smith said...

This is beautiful in so many ways.

Catherine Johnson said...


Mary Lee said...

I agree with the poet that it's not just about not having time, but rather not having ENOUGH time to describe the sky!

Bridget Magee said...

Pure gorgeousness! Thanks for sharing, Karen! =)

Gathering Books said...

This is beautiful. I read the whole poem and I'm struck by the simplicity and beauty. Thank you for sharing this. It does make me want to stop and just make some time for nature. :)

Karen Edmisten said...

So glad this one struck a chord -- how could it not? :) Anne Porter amazes me.