Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Bits and Pieces of Our Days: The My-Laptop-May-Have-Died Edition (With Other Stuff That's Much Cheerier)

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This post is brought to you courtesy of the old, old, old laptop that belongs to Atticus. Where's mine, you ask? I'm glad you're feeling inquisitive as I am ready to complain. You see, I tried to update the operating system on mine, and apparently this was a near-fatal decision. We'll know soon, but for now I am just extravagantly grateful for the fact that I obsessively back up my work when I'm writing a book. So ... Whew!

And, dear friends and readers, please remind me to never, ever, ever, NEVER EVER do anything that could even remotely be described as tech-y when I am working on a manuscript. Thank you. 


I'm done obsessing over Mad Men and the series finale. Really. I think. I never did get that post written, but partly because I'm mulling over the idea that some of my thoughts could go into this book I'm writing. Soooo ... best to keep mulling for now. Stop obsessing. Keep mulling. That's the ticket.


Ramona has been baking and she has mastered my chocolate chip cookie recipe. No wonder I haven't been hungry for real food the last couple of days. Too. Many. Delicious. Cookies. Sitting. Around. 


The VanWonderful VanDerwater (that's Amy Ludwig VanDerwater) is running a summer edition of Sharing Our Notebooks, and she's inviting readers to share ideas. I love this!

This post explains the idea.

And here's the idea that Ramona and I contributed: Make Your Own Notebook

Ramona's Homemade Notebook


Annie C. said...

Oh my goodness, your poor laptop!!! :(((

My 9-year-old has started baking and will not stop. She has mastered my open-a-cake-mix-and-throw-it-together recipe. ;)

Liz said...

I LOVE the notebook! Also, don't do anything remotely techie when you're working on a manuscript. ;)

Melvin B. said...

I never do anything remotely techie. Ever.

Unknown said...

One note about chocolate chip cookies … I too, was on the quest for the perfect cookie. Two things I have found to make a huge difference in the perfect cookie quest: add about ¼-½ teaspoon lemon juice, this brightens the chocolate flavor (it is sooo good and you do not get a lemony taste at all) and refrigerate the dough at least 12 hours (I know, I know --- who could make all that yummy goodness and not bake it right away?!! -- so bake a few and then refrigerate the rest). refrigerating the dough can make it hard to scoop out, so I pre-scoop my room temperature dough into balls and pile them on a plate or cookie sheet. They don't have to be exactly perfectly shaped at this point. And please post her recipe!!!

Karen Edmisten said...

Lemon juice, eh? Interesting! We have refrigerated dough before -- sometimes we make cookie dough just because we feel like eating cookie dough, not cookies. :) Our recipe is the good, old Nestle Toll House recipe, but I use shortening instead of butter, and use half the amount, and underbake them just a bit. Delish!