Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Ramona Tweets

Ramona: I'm hungry for freedom. From math.
Me (to Ramona last night, helping her brush through her long hair): "Wow, where did all these tangles come from?" Ramona: "Life."
Ramona: "What's for dinner?" Me: "Stromboli." Her: "Why didn't you tell me that before, when I was in a bad mood?!" Duly noted, child.


Emily said...

I love Ramona! FREEDOM FROM MATH!!!! :)

Himself said...

I find that Guinness or Sam Adams has the same effect on me.

tanita✿davis said...

I am going to remember that tangles comment. I'm pretty sure that any snarls can now be succinctly chalked up to "Life."

Also, I have been hungry to be free of math all my life, but ALAS... first there was childhood, then there was TAXES. *le sigh*

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, yes! That's what I keep telling her. In reality, there's no real freedom from math. :)