Wednesday, February 04, 2015

Ash Wednesday is Coming! Ash Wednesday is Coming!

Top Ten Things For Me To Consider Doing (Or Rather, Not Doing) This Lent
(Based on things I have done in the past): 

10.   Give up meat.
  9.   Give up coffee.

Anyone can give up bad coffee....
clipart from Vintage Digital Stamps

  8.   Give up radio/music in the car.
  7.   Give up wearing jewelry/accessories.
  6.   Give up wine (I'd say "alcohol" but let's face it ... wine).

There's nothing quite like you. 
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  5.   Give up online time-wasters and/or TV.
  4.   Give up complaining.

You know what I'm talking about.
cliplart from Vintage Digital Stamps 

  3.   Give up sugar.
  2.   Give up all purchases that are not necessities.
  1.   Give up some time and devote it to reading/re-reading spiritual favorites and classics.

This doesn't sound like a sacrifice at all. 


I'm still thinking and praying on what I really need to do this Lent, which begins in two weeks.


"It feels like it's always Lent!" said Atticus yesterday. "Lent is always just around the corner!"


Last year I wrote Lent a letter as I pondered what to give up, take on, do, refine, ponder, pray. It's like we're old friends having a vist: "Happy to see you come, happy to see you go."


If you're looking for more ideas and discussion, here's a link to A Meaningful Lent: The Monstrously Long Post.