Thursday, November 06, 2014

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

Whither has October fled?  It's gone missing and I'm left wondering if one of my favorite months met all her obligations before she took off for a year's sabbatical.

At least one obligation was clearly fulfilled -- October brought us, as it has for twenty-one marvel-filled years now, the birthday of Anne-with-an-e.

I'd never before bought a daughter a margarita for her birthday, but I can no longer make that claim. And she likes my favorite red wine, too. Yes, I am a good homeschooler indeed. I know how to teach all the important stuff.


Ramona and I are still on World War II. So far we've read The Winged Watchman by Hilda van Stockum, Lois Lowry's Number the StarsThe Little Riders by Margaretha Shemin, and Ian Serraillier's Escape from Warsaw (which I wish still bore its original title, The Silver Sword.)

We read Snow Treasure, which I usually include it in the WWII bundle of books, last year because it was a book club pick. I'll leave it up to her whether or not she wants to reread it this year.

I also have a stack of picture books -- we've read Always Remember Me: How One Family Survived World War II, and in the next week will pick up The Bracelet, So Far from the Sea, and
The Yellow Star: The Legend of King Christian X of Denmark

Lots of good geography stuff happening as we read these books, too.


What am I reading these days? The epic and wonderful Kristin Lavransdatter. Granted, I am only one book into the trilogy (I almost typed "three-book trilogy" ... more coffee, anyone?) but I have already dubbed it Wonderful and More.

What am I watching on the laptop these days, while I work out? Gilmore Girls. It is wonderful in a different way, and strangely connected to Kristin.


Jennifer said...

I'm forever grateful for your WWII book lists as we are using your blog as our "spine" right now. ;)
I'm so glad you are enjoying Kristen too! I will be available any time if you want to copy and paste passages to me. Expect my reply to be, "I KNOW!"
Happy, happy birthday Anne-with-an-e!!

Maierc said...

Cried SO hard at the end - there is a paragraph at the end of the last book that is so revealing to everything we try to be as a wife and mother.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Anne, Jenn! Shall I copy and paste passages, or just send page numbers? :)

Maierc, I don't want to get to the end.... :)