Wednesday, May 14, 2014

An absence of dust? Or chocolate cake in the freezer?

I voted for chocolate cake over the feather duster.

It's not just any chocolate cake. It's Molly Wizenberg's Winning Hearts and Minds Cake.*

There are six of them in my freezer right now. They are safely out of my clutches awaiting Betsy's graduation party. Go check out the recipe. And the picture. I'll wait.

Did you look at that cake?

If you didn't, go look. I mean it. Now.

You're back?

Does it not look delicious?  It is delicious.

Actually, the word "delicious" fails to describe. This cake is really beyond words, so I'll stop. Just make it. It's so easy, and so good.

Another thing I love? That post about the cake is ten years old, and it still gets comments. And she still answers them. It's lovely, all around, that's what it is.

(And I just remembered that I forgot to order my Mother's Day present. Wizenberg's new book, Delancey: A Man, a Woman, a Restaurant, a Marriage is next on my reading list.)

And I will get around to more cleaning. The bathrooms will get done before the party. I think. And the vacuuming will happen, so that our more allergic guests don't wheeze through the festivities courtesy of our dog and cat.

But the food? Must have that done. Chocolate takes priority over all.

{Lots of thoughts, too, on having my second daughter graduate, but those will have to wait for another post.}


*P.S. Thank you, Danae, for introducing me to Wizenberg's first memoir/cookbook, A Homemade Life: Stories and Recipes from My Kitchen Table. The words, "Mom, will you make a chocolate cake?" have been revolutionized around here.


Nancy said...

Oh my does that look good! And it is the most important thing to have done.
So clean the bathrooms and you are good to go! We are all coming to celebrate the graduation not look at the house! Isn't it just going to get dirty anyway?
See you soon!
Love Nancy

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Oh. Holy. Cow! I did not need to know about that cake. But now I have something to surprise my husband with for our anniversary. Wow oh wow. That does look good! Congratulations to your graduate!!! (And to her teacher and principal too!)

Charlotte (WaltzingM) said...

Did you use the European style butter or just regular butter?

Danae said...

I am also really looking forward to reading her next book! And to eating some of the cake in your freezer!

Unknown said...

Karen, -- YES ! That cake looks amazing! Must make this soon!!! On a sadder note, I am envious of your party planning and graduation parties. My son has just finished his final high school work -- we have home schooled since the beginning. He has taken 8 classes at the community college & has been accepted to GA Tech (his 1st and only choice) but the child doesn't want a graduation party. He wants no celebration -- nothing. i'm just left hanging here. I did get one of those corny yard signs that all the other kids from the local public & private schools get, announcing congratulations, etc. He won't have anything to do with a party. but I feel like celebrating -- I've spent the last 18 years of my life nurturing and educating this kid. It seems wrong not to celebrate.

Karen Edmisten said...

Nancy, are you sure I have to clean the bathrooms? You just said you aren't going to look at the house, so.... :)

Charlotte, I did not use the European style butter, just regular store brand stuff.

Danae, you can borrow it when I'm done, unless you ordered it, too?

Unknown -- what's funny about our opposite situations is that I always pictured myself being more like your son -- I thought that the beauty of homeschooling was that we didn't have to do the requisite milestones/celebrations in the same way the rest of the world does, because we've always done things on our own timeline. But, my girls wanted more, so that's what they got. And, your son doesn't want a party, so that's what he's getting. We're both still tailoring things to their likes and needs. :)

However, Unknown, it does sound like your son should perhaps take your likes and needs into account, and take YOU out for a celebration dinner!

tanita✿davis said...

Oh, WOW - that cake doesn't LOOK like it has flour in it.
Kudos and congratulations to you guys and happy grad to Betsy!

PS -- I gently tag you for a blog hop, when you get time.

Unknown said...

Thanks, Karen (my name is Elizabeth, don't know why it showed up as UNKNOWN!!). Thank you for reminding me of one of the reasons why we've been homeschooling all these years--- we prefer things our own way! And my son is certainly an individual! I like to think about things being "on our own timeline" -- we are heading to the beach to rent a house for a week -- and I relish the idea that it's just going to be our little family there, hubby, me and our three boys. So we can have our graduation party there, by the backyard pool (which is why I rented THAT house in particular! A POOL!!!!)

Karen Edmisten said...

Tanita, tell me more about your blog hop!

Elizabeth, I hope your family's own version of the celebration of graduation was marvelous!