Thursday, November 21, 2013

Bits and Pieces of our Nanoing Days

  • Yup, still doing NaNoWriMo around here. Betsy and I each have about 35,000 words. Ramona set herself a goal of a 3,000 word story, and she's on track. Her characters were recently spotted in the Swiss Alps. 

  • Ramona and I just read The Cricket in Times Square together, and it's the kind of charming and utterly delightful book that permanently endears itself to the unschooler in me. It's a sweet and simple story, but one that's full of such great stuff: rich vocabulary and fodder for discussion, talk of musical genres, and mentions of all sorts of great pieces. When I played the Blue Danube waltz and Mozart's Eine kleine Nachtmusik for Ramona, she said, "Oh! I know these!" Now she knows exactly what they are called, too. And things for her to Google: Johann Strauss, Orpheus ... such good stuff. 

  • Advent. It's coming. It will be here in nine days. Did I just say that? Nine days?! Don't panic. It's meant to be full of preparation, people. We're not meant to go into it Advent in full-fledged Christmas mode. It's okay to meander through Advent with deliberate preparation. 

  • Ramona is in full-fledged creative mode, and not just with her NaNo story. She's been watching all kinds of YouTube tutorials about making doll furniture and accessories. Tonight she made a lamp and rock candy for her American Girl dolls. I love the internet. 

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