Sunday, November 17, 2013

And This Is Why I Can't Have Nice Things

This is my dog: 

This is my dog, hoping I will be home soon: 

This is the rug by the front door -- that is, this is the rug by the front door if I've been gone for more than five minutes and the dog has had to wrestle the rug into a nest in order to sit 
and wait for me. 
And, of course, she has had to do that: 

Shall we take a closer look? Here it is: 

And thus ends the sad tale of Why Karen Can't Have Nice Things. 

But that's okay.  I don't like to spend too much time worrying about inanimate objects.On the other hand, it would be nice, now and then, to have an accent rug that isn't shredded.


Shannon... said...

I hear ya! The story of why Shannon can't have nice things begins with a long-haired cat who vomits at least once every morning to expel hair balls...and to wake you up to remind you that it's almost time for breakfast. Even if it's only 4am!

Red Cardigan said...

Hmmm...maybe you could go with a trompe l'oeil rug? There's an example here (though I don't care for the design):

I'd suggest one of those indoor/outdoor heavy texture mats instead, but I have a feeling any dog or cat worth his or her salt would see that as a large rectangular chew toy as well. :)

Red Cardigan said...

This is a much nicer example, painted on wood:

I love the "fold" with the faux $20 bill peeking out--funny!

Karen Edmisten said...

Shannon, yes, I can add the cat vomit to my list as well! :) Our cat also likes to wake me up to remind me about breakfast. He does this by chewing loudly on whatever strikes his fancy that morning -- a corner of the dresser, a cardboard box. Some days he likes to vary that, and get a handle on a dresser drawer going "plink, plink." :)

Red, I love your creative thinking! Alas, it is not merely an aesthetic problem. I need a rug there for the wet shoes/boots, as I don't have much of an entry way. But I'll take that $20 bill. :)

Karen Edmisten said...

Forgot to add that, yes, the indoor-outdoor solution might be a nice chew toy addition. :)

tanita♥davis said...

Hahah. My rug looks like that sans dog... granted, I got it from Freecycle, and it's old/used, but... wear does that, too.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, wear does do it, too. But my dog hastens the process mightily. :)

T. said...

I have had a few dogs with varying degrees of separation anxiety, and I found a kennel to be an invaluable tool to keep them calm and prevent destruction when I am gone.

T. said...

Beautiful dog, by the way! :)

Karen Edmisten said...

T., I guess my cheap rug is like a substitute kennel. :)
And thanks -- she is beautiful, isn't she? But we're biased. :)