Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Recent Reading: Uncivil War: The Island

A timeline about 
new novella, Uncivil War: The Island:*

Have a few minutes.

Hmmm... what to do?

Pick up a book.

Will read for just a few minutes.

A few pages.

A couple more.

Until Ramona is ready.

Where is she?

Peek over top of Kindle.

She doesn't need me yet.

Read a few more pages.

Have to find out what happens next. 

What?! Are you kidding me? I didn't think that was going to happen.

Peek over Kindle. (Don't peek too effectively. She might find me.)

Read a little more.

What?! Are you kidding me? Don't do that! 

When asked by Betsy, "Is that Scott's book? Are you almost done with it already?" answer sheepishly, "Yes."

Give Betsy a look that says, "Go away. Let me finish this. And then I promise you can have it."

Finish book.

Toss Kindle to daughter on the way to laptop.

Check Amazon for next installment.

Say, "What?! Are you kidding me? I have to wait for the next part?"

Scott Peterson, please hurry up. I need to write the next installment of this timeline.


* Which mutual friend, Melanie Bettinelli, reviewed in greater depth and detail, and with equal enthusiasm, here at The Wine-Dark Sea. 


sarah said...

That's exactly how it went for me too! :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

I'm not surprised, Sarah!