Sunday, February 24, 2013

Where, oh, where has my little blog gone?

It was a busy week!

I was focused on a couple of big deals this week:

1. Revisions for the book I've been writing.

Mostly done with those. A little more clean-up work, but mostly done. Nose was to grindstone, blog was neglected.

2. Dresses for the Homeschool Winter Ball.

Anne and Betsy went dancing last night, and in preparation this week, we had gowns to hem, straps to sew and adjust, dresses to press, and fingernails to paint. Here's the design we did on Betsy's nails (click the picture for a close-up):

Those are little tuxedos. (!) I credit Ramona, who watches the Cute Polish channel on Youtube. And I credit Betsy, for thinking it would be cool. And I credit me, for actually pulling it off. If it were not for my daughters, however, I would not even know that such things as striper brushes and dotting tools existed. They broaden my horizons.


This final picture is not from this past week, but I have to share Ramona's Valentine's Day hair. In addition to Cute Polish, she likes to check out Cute Girls' Hairstyles, which is where she found this lace braid heart, which I actually accomplished, much to my surprise. Here she is: 

Revisions done, ball gowns retired ... I'll probably be blogging like a madwoman this week, right? Uh, not so fast there Missy Reader. I have a couple of bathrooms crying out to be cleaned .... 


Daria Sockey said...

Very, very, very impressive.Makes me relieved that my girls grew up before painting- miniatures- on- fingernails craze began. (I did, however, get caught up in a French braiding craze in the 90s, and a homeschool regency ball craze for the past decade.) So I sympathize, and admire!

And I wonder what the new book is about....

Margaret in Minnesota said...

Coolest Valen-do EVER!

ellie said...

Oh her hair is amazing!! My daughter has thick wavy hair that falls to her hips and would you believe she doesn't let me braid it???! **sniffle**

Esther Ong said...

cutie! :) Wonderful post! :)

Wonderful post! :)

Fashion for Beauty

tanita davis said...

Saw this today and IMMEDIATELY thought of Ramona.

She is such a QT.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, all, and Tanita, she loved those keyboard nails!