Thursday, May 24, 2012

Bit and Pieces of Our Days

The Post-Graduation Edition

Except that it's not exactly "post-Graduation" around here.

We have one more graduation celebration coming up. Same daughter, different town. Anne-with-an-e will join the larger, regional Catholic homeschooling group for its graduation Mass, ceremony, and reception.

We had the big local party here at our house, though, over the weekend -- family in town, ate lots of restaurant food, bid farewell to my parents on Tuesday, spent Wednesday doing laundry, and now we're looking forward to the next celebration of our grad (which, because it is out of town, will not require me to clean any toilets.)


I love Instapaper. I love it almost as much as I love this pencil sharpener. And that's a lot.


An impromptu tag-along to some friends' 4-H meeting last night led me to think about my love/hate relationship with 4-H, and crafts, and salt dough, and food coloring. So I was going to write about it here, but I just now realized that there's nothing to say about it other than the fact that I sometimes get crabby in the midst of it all, and then I apologize to my children, and ultimately I realize that it doesn't really matter whether or not I like arts and crafts. Ramona and Betsy do, and since I love them, I love their crafts, and I do what I have to do to help them out, inspire them, encourage them. Enough said.


Blogging about 4-H made me think about tagging this post with the "4-H" tag, which made me realize that I haven't been tagging posts since Blogger morphed into the New Blogger and made me forget the tag option was there. This reminded me that I hate New Blogger with a passion that is practically an entity unto itself. Am I overreacting?


Even though we dropped cable TV, we can still watch The Next Food Network Star online. It's a dorky family tradition, and the show has gotten sillier and sillier, as has the network, but we still have fun with it and it's an excuse to sit around eating ice cream with my girls and talk about Giada's scary smile.


Lynch Family said...

Ha! Totally with you on the "scary smile." We often chat about her odd overall shape--we still like her, BTW. Loving this season, we are such Alton Brown geeks. Happy graduation and summer!

ellie said...

I loathe New Blogger too **is mournful** it is ever so much harder to use.