Monday, March 12, 2012

On the radio, and Bits and Pieces of Our Days

On Relevant Radio today:

8:40 a.m. (central daylight time), Morning Air with Sean Herriott, talking about Style, Sex and Substance.

1 p.m.: On Call, with Wendy Wiese, discussing After Miscarriage.


Speaking of central daylight time, well, umm, I don't really want to speak of daylight savings time. Because I can't speak of it and remain calm.

Every year we do this, and every year we all complain. Then, we go to Webster's online and look up the definition of insanity and we say, "Oh! Look! It's daylight savings time! Extreme folly! Unreasonableness! Something utterly foolish!" Then we blog about it because we know people will commiserate. Then we wonder to whom we can actually complain, other than to the readers of our blogs. And yet we know that we are, for some reason of extreme folly, doomed to repeat this sad history.

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Has anyone found a suitable methadone for Downton Abbey?

And speaking of addictions, I signed on to Pinterest, but I haven't had the mental wherewithal to enter that particular cyber opium den. I'm afeared of it, people.


The best Ramona-ism of the week:

Ramona: Mommy, what's a homeschooler's favorite subject?

Me: I don't know, honey, what is it?

Ramona: Anti-social studies!

I love that kid.



deanna said...

Pinterest is addicting. More than Facebook because it is filled with oh so many pretty things.

Sue said...

I have found it funny how many people are complaining about DST on blogs/facebook. We don't have it here in Japan, and I end up grumbling about it for most of the summer. Since we do not "spring forward" and sacrifice that bit of sleep in March we get to be woken by the sun every morning at 4:30am in summer. Being a person who wakes up with the sun, I tend to get, ummm... cranky! Take it from me,DST is the lesser evil.

Karen Edmisten said...

Deanna, yes on the oh-so-many-pretty things. :)

And Sue, we're a bunch of whiners, aren't we?! :) I know what you're saying, but it's such an adjustment for me every year! I wish it weren't. Maybe I'm just old. :)