Thursday, February 16, 2012

Blue's Clues or Van Morrison?

I started up some music before starting up the dishes this morning.

"Wait! What's that?" asked Ramona. "Is that the Blue's Clues music?"

"No, honey," I laughed, "it's 'Ball and Chain'. It's a song by Van Morrison."

"Oh! I wondered why you'd be listening to Blue's Clues!"

Yeah. Blue is not my usual morning music thing, especially now that no one in this house carries with her a handy dandy notebook. (Well, they do, but these days the notebooks contain scribbles of short stories, novels, dialogue...)

Strange rumors about Steve Burns have circulated, but to my knowledge no one's ever asserted that he and Van Morrison are actually the same person.

Come to think of it, though, I haven't ever seen them in the same room. Huh.


Pam Barnhill said...

How funny. None of ours got into Blue until this last one. He's two and went through a spell a few months ago where Blue was all he wanted to watch. Then we got him the big stuffed Blue for Christmas and of course he is on to something else now. Recently, we were watching Jack's Big Music Show (also NickJR, though new enough I am sure it is not on your radar) when a video popped up of a guy dancing about with ears and a guitar and singing about the groundhog to a catchy rock tune. Took me a minute, but sure enough it was Steve. I told my 6yo, "Hey! See that guy? It's Steve from Blues Clues." Her response, "Where did his hair go?!" :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Oh, Pam, how funny! I saw a picture of him yesterday when I added the Wiki link. My teen was looking over my shoulder and said, "No way!" :)