Sunday, December 18, 2011

From the Inbox

Remember Jen Fulwiler's "Our Father" series? (I had "Name.") Jen kindly rounded up links to all the posts in the series. You can find them here, at Conversion Diary.


Wonderful author of wonderful Weightless, Kate Wicker, will be the keynote speaker at the Behold Conference, March 10, 2012, in Peoria, IL. Not sure yet if I can make it, but I'm hoping to possibly swing it. Are you going?


I mentioned Good Counsel Homes last year -- they now have a new Facebook page -- take a look to find out more about all the good work they do to help homeless and single pregnant women and their children. Their website is here. They do beautiful work and also offer post-abortion counseling.


Homeschool Connections has a special offer right now. Maureen Wittman says:

... we offer a "Subscription Service" for recorded classes. It's only $1 to try it out for 7 days and then it's just $30 a month after that. There's no long term commitment -- parents keep it as long or as little as they need it. Because our live classes are converted to the Subscription Service once they're completed, it's getting to be a better and better deal every day. We're up to 70+ courses!

The big news is that we're offering a yearly rate now. For only $330 you can get a full year of unlimited recorded classes ...

However, it's hard for people to make that kind of commitment without really knowing what they're getting into. So, we're offering one of our recorded courses completely free from now until December 30, 2012 -- Mr. Campbell's Modern American History course.
Find out more about the history class and the special offer here.


Regina Doman's fairy tale novels are on Kindle -- go here for details.

Nancy Brown's A Study Guide for G.K. Chesterton's St. Francis of Assisi is on Kindle, too.


Speaking of Kindle, did you know that my book, Through the Year With Mary is available on Kindle now, too?

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