Tuesday, November 08, 2011

I Am One-Tenth of Betty Beguiles' Book

Betty Beguiles,
aka Hallie Lord,
aka "She has a book coming out and I'm in it!"

A summary from Hallie: 

In Style, Sex, and Substance: 10 Catholic Women Consider the Things that Really Matter, ten of the top Catholic female writers come together to offer tips, encouragement, and a bit of humor for their sisters in the trenches of daily life. From the difficulties of fitting in prayer time to the impact that lots of babies have on intimacy to the unique challenges of the single life, each author digs deep into the issues that real Catholic women think about. With the tone of a group of gals gathered around a bottle of wine, it is sure to be a hit with all Catholic women, whether they need practical tips in areas in which they struggle, words of encouragement, or just a bit of entertainment after a long day.

1.  Jennifer Fulwiler
2.  Hallie Lord
3.  Karen Edmisten (that'd be me) 
4.  Rachel Balducci
5.  Annie Mitchell
6.  Rebecca Teti
7.  Betty Duffy
8.  Danielle Bean
9.  Simcha Fisher
10.Barbara Nicolosi

Visit Hallie's blog for more information or to pre-order the book from Amazon.

And, ummm, in case you're wondering ... I think I'm part of the substance? Let's see ... I have a tortured relationship with fashion, so I wouldn't be trusted with style, and I didn't say much about sex. So, let's all close our eyes and wish very hard that my contribution contains something substantial (as do the contributions of these nine other women, in whose company I'm honored to be.)


Margaret in Minnesota said...

Who are these people who have written this book? Bunch of unknowns, I tell you...

(And that's the smart aleck in me talking, all would-be style over actual substance.)

Congratulations!!! Your writing is like that field of dreams; if you write it, I will read. Corny, maybe, but very true.

Theresa said...

Neat!!! I'll put it on my ever-growing wish list!

tanita davis said...

Hey, congratulations! This looks really interesting! And can I tell you how much I love the name Betty Beguiles?? Cute.