Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Night I Visited My Sister's Book Club

I love my sister.
I love Skype.
And now, thanks to my sister and Skype, I love my sister's book club.

None of the women are Catholic.
They all bought my Rosary book.
They read it.
They invited me to join them in Oklahoma (via Skype) for their discussion.
They asked me great questions.
We laughed.
Atticus stuck his face in the webcam.
My girls all ducked in to say hi.
And then we talked a little more about prayer.
They lifted their glasses (a lovely white wine, I think -- Chardonnay, ladies?) and we toasted books and prayer and sisters and husbands who stick their faces in webcams.

I love my sister.


Jennifer said...

Oh yay! What a beautiful post!

sarah elwell said...

that sounds so wonderful! :-)

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Jenn!

It was wonderful, Sarah. I don't get to see my sister nearly often enough. :(

Lady.Rosary said...

That's good for you! I love my siblings so much too. I'm happy that I'm able to spend quality time with them when they stay with me. And thank God, we have faster ways of communication.

Roselady said...

Wow, that says so much that a room full of non-Catholic ladies read your book about the Rosary. A little miracle indeed.