Friday, August 05, 2011

Poetry Friday: Drugstore

I love this poem, and I especially love the last lines:

Don't be ashamed of the homely thought
That whatever you might do elsewhere,
In the time remaining, you might do here
If you can resolve, at last, to pay attention.

by Carl Dennis

Don't be ashamed that your parents
Didn't happen to meet at an art exhibit
Or at a protest against a foreign policy
Based on fear of negotiation,
But in an aisle of a discount drugstore,
Near the antihistamine section,
Seeking relief from the common cold.

Read the whole thing here, at The Writer's Almanac.

The Poetry Friday round up is at A Year of Literacy Coaching.


Beth said...

Karen, I love this poem! (Perhaps not least because my parents met in a hospital, dad waking up groggy from surgery, mom his nurse...) And the last lines...perfect.

Thanks so much for posting!

Anonymous said...

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Amy LV said...

Thank you many times over for this poem! Oh, I love it! A.