Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Our Days

The other day, Lissa mentioned the free online courses available through Stanford which reminded me that I've been meaning to share these links:

The Top Five Collections of Free University Courses
400 Free Online Courses from Top Universities
MIT OpenCourseWare
Universities With the Best Free Online Courses
Open Yale Courses

Anne-with-an-e loves Human Behavioral Biology, available on iTunes University, and Atticus often has a Civil War Lecture on when he's cooking.  For the kids or for yourself, there's great stuff there.


We're still in Not-Back-to-School-Mode, except Anne-with-an-e, who's taking an early enrollment class at the community college. Last year, when she took her first class there (online -- a great way to start), I was reminded that, although I truly appreciate this Early Enrollment option, textbooks are and have always been a racket. A racket. Yes, I'll say it again: they're a racket. Okay, I feel better. </rant>


Anne-with-an-e is a senior in high school. Anne is a senior. I started homeschooling this child girl oh-my-gosh-she's-almost-done young adult when she was in first grade. Anne is a senior. (Insert incredulous-insane-mother-screech here.) Okay, I feel better.


The Next Food Network Star ended recently, and although we were exceptionally happy to see one of our favorites -- the Sandwich King -- win, we also loved Vic and Susie. It was a fun group to watch this year, drama, sparks and all. Who did you want to win?


Speaking of food, yesterday, Betsy pronounced my latest attempt at Molly Wizenberg's Winning Hearts and Minds Chocolate Cake to be a success. "You mastered it, Mom," she said.

It was my second attempt. Drat -- I wanted a good excuse to try this cake two or three more times this week.


Mary Kate said...

I have to say I was over the top excited about the winner of the Next Food Network Star as Jeff is from my town!!!! The entire village is SO excited!!

Congrats on getting Anne-with-an-e (and yourself!) to Senior year and ahead of the game, to boot! My oldest is a junior this year and I have been having mini-heart-attacks thinking about college, driver's license, etc. Those older moms WERE right: the time truly did fly by!

Enjoy the last dregs of summer!

sarah elwell said...

Congratulations to you and Anne for making homeschooling work so well for so long, you are an inspiration to me. Thanks too for the great links.

Karen Edmisten said...

Thanks, Sarah -- I don't think I'm inspirational, but rather that we homeschooling moms are blessed to have fellow travelers. :)

Mary Kate, how fun about Jeff! And thanks, too, for the congrats. And yes, those moms were right!

Lady.Rosary said...

Thanks for the links, I've got to share these to my friends who have a lot of free time in their hands.

Homeschooling is tough so congrats!