Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Bits and Pieces of Our Days (But Mostly Some Links)

Mary DeTurris Poust has a lovely review of four Rosary books up at Our Sunday Visitor (I believe that's a subscriber-only link, but if you subscribe to any of OSV's publications, you should be able to log in and take a look.) See the opening of the article here, at Mary's blog, Not Strictly Spiritual.


Atticus sent me this cool link to the National Jukebox. Need to poke around there!


Simple, but they work: 10 Short, Spontaneous Prayers That Really Work, from Fr. Robert Spitzer


Les Miserables -- Atticus and I took the older girls to see it on April 30th in Omaha. Great production, but, oh, where's the revolving set? 'Tis gone. Overall, we all loved it. (Parents, take note: bawdy moments have become more than bawdy in this production. Unnecessarily, we thought.)


Go visit Pentimento, who has an Anne Sexton poem that took her breath away, and mine, too.


tanita davis said...

Even the name of Sexton's book - he Awful Rowing Toward God - inspires. What gorgeousness. '

And how much do I love that jukebox!?

Jo said...

Once again thank you for a timely prod towards prayer, we have had a difficult week - hurtful conversations and unpleasant e mails. This morning as I cooked waffles for the kids breakfast I was telling God that I did not know how to pray for these people anymore, after 15 years of praying for them.I appreciated the 10 prayers link - simple , wise words.

Skysaw said...

Karen - I thought the production of Les Miz was otherwise fantastic, but the "bawdy" parts - yeah, good parents should be apprised that they are (in my opinion) R-rated.

Karen Edmisten said...

Yes, I agree,Tanita, on all points. Jo, so glad to hear
the link was timely. And, Skysaw, yeah, we really felt they went overboard, and it detracted from the scene more than anything.

Beth said...

I suppose dryer sheets wouldn't work on a kid. :) (My Ramona is terrified of storms...we've been working on various things to help with the anxiety!)