Sunday, March 20, 2011

Quote for the Second Sunday in Lent

"God gives His gifts where finds the vessel empty enough to receive them."

~~ C.S. Lewis


Jamie said...

I wonder about this quote. Is this encouragement for fasting or for just remaining poor or "empty" in spirit, keeping ourselves in a state of longing?

It's a good one to chew on. Thanks!

Karen E. said...

Jamie, for me, it's both. I know that I need to be emptied of myself and my need for control before God can work in me. Fasting is one way for me to be reminded of that need to be emptied, to depend on God for everything. A growling stomach is quite the concrete reminder to me.

But, yes, when I first found this quote years ago, I don't think I was even thinking of physical fasting. I loved the way it spoke to our need to be spiritually emptied, so that God can fill us up with what He intends for us.