Wednesday, December 15, 2010

It's Not a Panic Thing, But ...

... we may need to tweak our Jesse Tree ornaments ... just a wee bit.

It turns out that the dog loves salt dough.

Who knew?


Jennifer said...

Oh no! Is there a sick belly in the Edmisten family?

Karen said...

Apparently some dogs find salt dough ornaments very tasty. My mother in law's dog ate the ornaments my girls made for her last year. She was quite upset but the dog was happy. Our dog isn't the least bit interested in them. I suspect he values his life.

tanita davis said...

OOH. Goodness. I guess the other option is using actual store-bought clay, because the gingerbread ornament recipe would just cause BIGGER problems (and I actually don't know how people put those on their trees because I would have them all eaten before Christmas Eve).

At least the dog isn't sick~!

Karen E. said...

Jennifer, no, she's not sick, thank goodness. First, she happily gobbled up Day 24. Then we put the ornaments up on a shelf so she couldn't reach them (we usually keep them under the tree, as we use a small Christmas tree for our Jesse Tree.) Then last night, we caught her sneaking some of them off the tree, but I got them back (a little slobbery, ick) before she ate them.

Karen, your dog is smart. :)

Tanita, we used to use a cinnamon dough recipe (but it was a really dry batch of dough and those ornaments all crumbled a few years back.) I wonder what Sydney would have thought of that? :) I wish you could come join us for our homemade gingerbread houses this year!