Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Advent is Less Than Two Weeks Away -- Plenty of Time to Not Panic

Advent is coming.

It should be a time we look forward to, not a time that reminds us of the theme from Jaws.

Do not panic.

Do not try to do everything. (Also known as, "Do not attempt to stalk a great white shark on your own.")  

There is nothing to dread when you approach Advent as a season of preparation. Preparations take time. And patience. They don't happen overnight.

We are preparing our hearts for the celebration of the coming of the Lord.

We are not preparing our homes for a photo shoot, our children for a guest spot on America's Best Catholic Kids, or our resumes for a job at Liturgical Superwoman.

Do whatever best helps you and your family to prepare your hearts. If you do that, I promise you -- instead of the dreaded Jaws music, you'll hear songs of angels.

Here is a link to my "No-Panic Advent series."

It's a horrendously long post that might initially hearken back to that Jaws theme I was just eschewing.  But don't be scared away. The point in pulling together all my past Advent posts is to make things easier, not more difficult or more intimidating.

Think of the post as a cozy shopping center, with plenty of parking space. Park, browse, and pluck choices at your leisure.


Jennifer said...

It does seem weirdly competitive in the blogging world, doesn't it? Who celebrates the liturgical year best? That can be rather discouraging. Another calming breath from Karen. Whew.

OK - this is funny. I keep getting the verification letters wrong so blogger keeps giving me even more difficult fonts. I don't think they understand my problem. We'll see if I ever get this comment through!

Karen Edmisten said...

Lol on the verification, Jenn!

And, yeah, I don't think anyone means to compete, but it just can be overwhelming to have so many wonderful ideas from which to choose.

I just hope to stress that "Here are all my ideas" isn't equivalent to "Use EVERY SINGLE ONE of these ideas." :) I think anyone who blogs about celebrating the liturgical year would say the same -- it's all about encouraging each other, not discouraging.

So glad your comment finally got through! :)